Ziggu connects with your CRM, ERP and document management software

Keeping it simple

Ziggu integrates with your software stack to pull in all the data you need. No double work, no two versions of everything. 

When your lead is ready to reserve their unit, your CRM can trigger the integration and sync all relevant data: from contact information to legal documents. All that's left to do? Invite your new customer to your homebuyer portal. 

Use case: Coins integration

Coins enables homebuilders to manage the administrative side of their business — offering modules for HR, equipment management and procurement. However, Ziggu helps you communicate better with all key players and helps smoothen the customer experience.

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Can Ziggu integrate with your systems?

Ziggu already integrates seamlessly with a number of CRM, ERP and document management systems. Can't find yours? Contact us and we'll research the possibilities!

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