Hey Mandy...or anyone else scanning this little QR code,

My name is Stijn (unfortunately pronounced Stayne 😁) - Marketing Manager at Ziggu. Noticed you first when doing some research into our old sales processes in the UK.

Love the work you do with the Redcliffe foundation and when I came across your profile, I had the feeling you would be the perfect person to talk to!

Your inbox probably filled with people asking for some of your time. Just want to stress I'm not looking to sell

My main goal for reaching out is to learn and have a talk about real estate, and discover how you deal with buyers, contractors and general public. (e.g. How do you manage all the communication around specifications, what tool(s) do you currently use, do you like them?) It will help me greatly in informing my marketing approach.

Obviously also happy to chat about Ziggu and how we work with clients in mainland Europe!

Let's Chat?