A customer portal is the new website

A customer portal is the new website

Or how to look more professional as a property developer

There are many reasons why property developers want to implement a customer portal, but a big one is this: they want to show homebuyers that they are a professional partner. And five years ago, a fancy website might’ve been enough to convince customers of that. Now, however, homebuyers expect more.

When we want information about, say, a product, a service, or a company, we hit that good old search engine and let the internet do its magic. We are so used to googling – or DuckDuckGo-ing, if you will – that we don’t even think twice about it. But when the product or company website doesn’t show up on the first page of the search results, it’s… well, a little weird, isn’t it? We’d sooner think ‘maybe I mistyped the company name?’ than ‘maybe this company doesn’t have a website?’.

Not having a website is something you might’ve gotten away with ten or so years ago, but now not so much. Chances are we’re going to look for a competitor who does have a website and forget the company that doesn’t. A website is not just a way to turn visitors into prospects, it’s also a clear sign of professionalism; it shows you’re a serious company. The same trend is happening with customer portals. More and more, property developers understand that a customer portal is a necessity. It’s the new website.

We give you some reasons why you should invest in a customer portal:

Document library Ziggu Platform
Document Library Ziggu Platform

You’re modern

Implementing a customer portal shows homebuyers that you’re a modern company. You don’t just know the latest trends in technology and customer care; you also go along with them. This says a lot about your company; you don’t stand still, you’re not stuck in old ways, but you ride the waves of digitalization along with the rest of the world.

You’re innovative

You’re not just a modern company… you’re an innovative company! Even though customer portals are already widely used, the possibilities of adding new tools and automation are endless. In other words: using a customer portal puts you in the sweet spot of innovation. You can offer your employees and homebuyers the newest features, fresh out of the oven.

You’re organized

When it comes to buying a home, people want clarity. Not just about when to pay the next installment, but also about what’s happening on the construction site. Thanks to a customer portal, you can give people an overview of everything. Yes, ev-ery-thing. From all the legal documents and latest plans to the next phases of construction: it’s all there, organized in one spot.

"People are happy to have one spot where they can contact their advisor, check offers, ask questions, etcetera. Everyone, from the kitchen designer to the floorer, has access. That makes it easier for everyone to follow-up on construction."
Ellen De Clercq
Head of Customer Advisory ION

A customer portal doesn’t just give your homebuyers a worry-free experience; it’s also very efficient for your team. They don’t lose time with repetitive tasks, looking for a document, or going through a hundred emails. Everything can be found in a clear overview on this platform. Everyone in the team has access to the platform as well, which means that no homebuyer is left in the cold when their personal customer advisor falls ill or leaves your company. Another customer care employee can pick up right where their colleague left off. No muss, no fuss. Both your homebuyers and team will undoubtedly appreciate the smooth and easy workflow of a customer portal!

May 12, 2021
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