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Moving into modernity and the impact of COVID

It’s kind of stating the obvious, but allow us this one more time: the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation in our society with a speed we couldn’t have imagined two years ago. Working from home more easily, shopping online for…. well, pretty much everything, and even receiving prescriptions from our doctor via email. We are turning to digital solutions left and right. And not just for the small stuff; a new report shows that homebuyers appreciate more and more the use of digital tools during the purchasing or building process of their new home.

According to the 2021 National Real Estate and Consumer Trend Report by the American home selling platform Opendoor, 75% of homebuyers would likely consider buying a home with a company that uses digital tools to help customers through the homebuying process. And it’s not just the millennials (83%) that are considering this: Gen X (70%) is up for it as well, and even 61% of baby boomers show an interest in the use of digital solutions during this process.

75% of homebuyers consider buying with a company that uses digital tools to help customers through the homebuying process
Opendoor, 2021 Real Estate Trend Report: Moving into Modernity

All this, and then some

This isn’t just a fleeting trend due to COVID-19. By now, people are so used to these digital tools and the way they make their day-to-day easier, it’s become a new way of life. A virtual tour of the house? Yes, please! Digitally keeping up with the building process? More of this, please! Communicating more easily with the contractor? Oh, for sure! Homebuyers want all this, and then some.

A complete digital customer experience helps homebuyers keep track of every step in the process. A home is, after all, one of the — if not THE — biggest purchases people make in their lifetime, so of course they want to know what’s happening. Offering digital tools to help them keep track and communicate more easily with you as the property developer or with contractors will improve customer satisfaction without a doubt.

Ziggu's Homebuyer Survey
Ziggu's Homebuyer Survey: 36% increase in customer happiness with even simple online tools for homebuyers to find more information.

A chance to dream

The theory is easy, of course. But how do you organize this in reality as a property developer? Well, a great digital experience starts with a great digital platform. A platform helps you to centralize every document and piece of information you need to share with homebuyers. You can let them make decisions about their new kitchen or bathroom with a user-friendly decision-making tool. You can let them sign contracts or ask questions in a clear and organized way (bye-bye gazillion emails!).

And now for the fun part: you can share news updates about the construction site, add a cool video or charming sunset photo from their new garden-to-be. Your homebuyers will definitely feel the wow factor of your digital experience. Maybe you can add a blog post introducing the foreman or one of the contractors? Or share a quote from the architect? It makes a world of difference for your homebuyers. They not only get a glimpse behind the scenes, but by creating these stories you’re giving them the chance to dream about their future home, instead of worrying because they don’t know what’s going on. It’s a win-win for both you and the homebuyers: they’re happy with the home ànd the experience throughout and you have satisfied customers who’ll be more likely to recommend you to friends and family!

July 20, 2021
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