Happy employees, happy customers

How one boosts the other, and how property developers can benefit

Building a great customer experience journey is all the rage. After all, having a good product and fair price setting isn’t enough to convince customers anymore, even in real estate. Homebuyers expect more, so property developers go to great lengths to provide a great experience for them. But before you start moving mountains for customers, it’s important to take a look at the people in your own company. Are they having a great employee experience?

Why is this employee experience so important all of the sudden, isn’t customer king, you ask? Well, sure, for every company every customer is important. But it all starts at home: if you want to boost customer satisfaction rates, you’ll need to invest in your customer service team as well. This includes: making sure they have all the resources to do their job well, giving them tools that help them automate repetitive and tedious work, and letting them feel that their work makes an impact.

First EX, then CX

The role of customer advisor is known to have a high turnover. The pressure to deliver the best possible customer service in the shortest amount of time on the one hand, and often having to delicately explain surcharges or building issues to homebuyers on the other hand, makes this quite a stressful job. But by improving your employee experience (EX) with the above-mentioned resources, you create happy staff members who will be more productive and open to changes, have a lower risk of burnout, and who will stay longer with your company.

But there’s more: according to a 2020 Forbes survey, 70% of executives agree that this directly improves customer experience (CX). Which in turn – you guessed it – leads to rapid revenue growth. In fact, according to this research, companies that prioritize EX to deliver a higher level of CX seem to achieve almost two times faster revenue growth. But only prioritizing customer experience doesn’t lead to a higher employee experience or revenue growth. In other words: EX should get your attention first.

70% of all executives agree that better EX leads to better CX*
33% of all executives agree that better CX leads to better EX*

Adding value where it matters

Luckily, we have technologies that help us create a better EX. By centralizing all the information on one platform (no more dozens of excel files in a dozen different folders) and automating repetitive tasks (bye-bye boredom), your team can work more efficiently and thus, focus on adding value where it actually matters. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies they now have the time to better inform and advise homebuyers. They have the time to listen to a customer’s concerns and handle these worries like a pro. Last but not least, they get to do the job they’re meant to do and enjoy it.

*Source: Forbes Insights - The Experience Equation: How Happy Employees And Customers Accelerate Growth

March 23, 2021
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