The challenges of the customer care manager in a rapidly digitising construction sector

How to avoid an abundance of different tools, chaos and overhead?

It’s no secret: since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, the real estate and construction sector have digitised at a significantly faster pace than ever before. Everyone has tasted the opportunities that technology can bring to our day to day jobs, and it’s no secret that digitising is here to stay.

But how do you make the right decisions as a customer care manager? How do you avoid an abundance of different tools, chaos and overhead?

In this blog, we’ll zoom in on a couple of these challenges and how to turn them into opportunities

Mediator between all parties

The customer care manager is the go-to person for all communication. He is in communication with the homebuyer, follows up on construction changes, works together with the vendors, contractors, suppliers. This while maintaining positive relationships between the different parties and keeping an overview of all the correspondence. Needless to say, the customer care manager is everywhere.

From start to finish, the customer care manager helps the homebuyer through all the stages of the buying and construction process. After signing the contract, the customer care manager is standing at the sideline. Keeping an overview of everything and ready to help when needed.  From choosing the kitchen of their dreams and the handing over of the keys, they will guide the homebuyers through every step of the way.

This brings with it various challenges and asks for a lot of requirements:

  • Keeping an overview of all the information in circulation: what was discussed between different suppliers and what do the homebuyers want;
  • Maintaining an overview of all the different communication tools being used. Who is using which kind of communication tool and what can I do to handle this in an efficient manner? ;
  • Maintain timely and proactive communication. Help the different parties before a problem occurs. Give information before the homebuyers ask for it.
Mediator between all parties

Keep track of all the circulating information

Building a house or a project isn’t done in a couple of days or weeks. It needs a lot of preparation. Different proposals will be made, plans will be constructed, agreements and contracts need to be managed and signed. This requires a lot of different documentations. Documentation that today is gathered in different places and is hard to find.

It’s the job of the customer care manager to manage all the information, keep track of the changes and deliver the right information. How do you avoid spending different hours a week searching for the right documents? How can you find that one document that the homebuyer is craving but cannot find? And above all, how do you prevent miscommunication and making critical mistakes? Having an organized platform helps you centralizing all the information and can help you avoid making mistakes.

Meet the changing expectations of the homebuyers

Besides this, homebuyers today demand more than in the early days of property development and the requirements are more stringent than they used to be. Homebuyers want to receive news and information during the process. They want a customer-oriented relationship with the property manager and want to contribute to their dream house.

They want to be able to make their own decisions and personalize their home to their needs and desires. They want updates on the building process in a proactive manner and receive the best guidance from the property manager. Meaningless to say, homebuyers want the FULL experience when buying their dream house.

Solution: one centralized platform

To keep track of all the information and meet the higher expectations of the homebuyers, using a good customer platform is the way to go.

A customer platform gives you the possibility to excel in your project management and communication skills. Besides this, it gives you the possibility to further develop your interpersonal skills. And not to forget, it makes it easy to share news and updates on one platform which reduces time answering all the incoming calls/ questions.

It makes it possible to keep track of all your to-do’s and even automate repetitive tasks. This not only saves you time but gives you also the opportunity to invest the saved time in other cycles of customer service.

You can centralize all your documentation and information in one platform, It reduces your searching time to find the right documentation. Besides this, you avoid miscommunication and mistakes which can cost a lot of time to fix. And above all, it becomes possible to anticipate issues, wishes and exceed the expectations of the homebuyers.

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July 1, 2021
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