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From reservation to interior options and aftercare - Ziggu centralises all communication, document and approval flows.

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From reservation, to interior options and aftercare.
Customer management

Complete customer files

Keep track of reservations & sales

Replace spreadsheets, match prospects to their reservations, log units as sold and attach contracts.

Find everything about any unit

Get all documents, messages, financial info and jobs to be done - in a few clicks, for each customer.

Centralise all communication

Upgrade from individual inboxes to a full-fledged messaging platform to work together as a team.

Everything you need to know about a unit
Help customers pick their interior options in time
Interior options

Approval flows
& option lists

Make sure decisions are made in time

Set deadlines and reminders and keep track of bottlenecks popping up across your units.

Electronic signatures

Speaks for itself - convenient!

Work together with building partners

Invite showrooms and (sub)contractors to upload proposals themselves or find the info they need.

Customer experience

Customer portal

A personal login for each homebuyer

Invite your customers to your company branded portal and automatically share everything related to their unit.

All their documents and info online

Help customers find their contracts, proposals, instalments, news updates and more themselves.

Give them peace of mind

Boost homebuyer satisfaction with timely progress updates and a user-friendly self-service portal.

Everything your buyers want to know in one spot
Customer story

Residential developer Triple Living about Ziggu

Upgrade from individual inboxes to a team communication platform
Communication platform

Like email - with superpowers

Structure that brings clarity

Ziggu uses your project's structure to clearly organise your communication. Inbox overwhelm? Beat it.

So much more context

One view shows who you're talking to, what unit they bought, documents shared, issues raised, etc...

Private notes and mentions

Discuss with colleagues right in the relevant message thread without clients seeing your interaction.


Snagging & as-built files

Create punch lists on site

Make notes, add pictures, a deadline and a status.

Assign tasks to your contractors

Add a responsible for each issue you listed and keep track of their progress. 


Collect your as-built files throughout construction and let customers download them theirselves.

Limits calls, emails and texts,
saving you time and minimising errors

“As a business owner, there are a lot of things that stress me out, but with Ziggu, looking after rental properties isn’t one of them.

Your success is our single most important goal.

You'll get world class support

Have you ever been ghosted after signing a contract? That’s not us.
Our support team is always just a click away, ready to answer your questions and listen to your feedback. We’ll also check in regularly to make sure things are running smoothly.

About us

Your input will be heard

At Ziggu, we truly collaborate with our clients. We’re great at building software, but our platform wouldn’t be nearly as good if we didn’t listen carefully to the context it’s being used in. Co-developing our software means your input isn’t just listened to, it impacts what Ziggu will look like tomorrow

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You won't have to worry about uptime

Your trust means big deal to us, so we're willing to go the extra mile to earn - and keep it. We know that any hiccups in service would cause a big headache for you and your customers. That's why work hard to keep our stellar 99.9% uptime intact. No resting on our laurels here.

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