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secure document and file sharing

Organised to spark joy

Organisation that would make Marie Kondo proud

Clear away clutter with one-on-one shared files in themed folders. Search and filter for quick access to all necessary data.

Simple to share, send and sign

Your most important files don’t belong in email attachments. Improve client experiences with a connected platform and digital signatures.

Setting the standard in security

We are serious about security and compliance. Your documents are encrypted and every request for a document is authenticated against the sender’s session.

All your “paperwork” in one place, conveniently
shared with your tenants and investors
Consolidate your email inbox, text messages and all
sorts of social messaging services
Centralised messaging

Like email - with superpowers

Structure that brings clarity

Ziggu uses your building or projects structure to clearly organise your communication. Inbox overwhelm? Beat it.

So much more context

Never guess again. One simple view shows you who you're talking to, what unit they’re in, documents you’ve shared, issues they’ve raised, partners they’ve interacted with and previous conversations you’ve had.

Private notes and mentions

Still forwarding emails to colleagues? With Ziggu you can discuss issues with colleagues or partners right in the relevant message thread without clients seeing your interaction.

issue reporting and REPAIR MANAGEMENT

Maintenance made easy

Receive maintenance requests

Tenants can send maintenance requests through the portal with a photo and description attached in just a few clicks.

Assign jobs to your vendors and maintenance partners

You can assign requests to a responsible, set a deadline, and assign a category to keep track of everything.

Track status updates

Get an easy overview of which jobs are ongoing, which are needing attention and which ones are completed.

Limits calls, emails and texts,
saving you time and minimising errors
Not sure if Ziggu is right for you?

Get a guided tour through Ziggu and find out how you and your team can change the way you work with tenants forever.

Live answers to your questions
Easily benchmark tenant satisfaction, increase
retention and make democratic group decisions

Data driven decisions

Gather feedback about your services or partners

Conduct tenant satisfaction surveys to help increase tenant satisfaction and retention.

Take important decisions to a vote

Whether consulting the owners corporation on a potential investment, or just setting the date for the next social event, get your answers in a heartbeat and all online.

Tenant retention with real insights

Make data driven investment decisions by simply asking your tenants what would make their rental experience even better or which added value would justify a rent increase.


Because sharing is caring

Important information, easily shared

Still bombarding tenants with emails? With Ziggu you can conveniently share bite-sized updates through a building-wide or unit-specific newsfeed instead.

A familiar newsfeed

Not everyone wants to be signed up to social media. With Ziggu's user-friendly newsfeed, staying in the loop feels familiar and intuitive, without expecting all your tenants to be on Facebook.

Keep tenants in the know, ensuring they’re happier
and stick around longer.

“As a business owner, there are a lot of things that stress me out, but with Ziggu, looking after rental properties isn’t one of them.

Your success is our single most important goal.

You'll get world class support

Have you ever been ghosted after signing a contract? That’s not us.
Our support team is always just a click away, ready to answer your questions and listen to your feedback. We’ll also check in regularly to make sure things are running smoothly.

About us

Your input will be heard

At Ziggu, we truly collaborate with our clients. We’re great at building software, but our platform wouldn’t be nearly as good if we didn’t listen carefully to the context it’s being used in. Co-developing our software means your input isn’t just listened to, it impacts what Ziggu will look like tomorrow

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You won't have to worry about uptime

Your trust means big deal to us, so we're willing to go the extra mile to earn - and keep it. We know that any hiccups in service would cause a big headache for you and your customers. That's why work hard to keep our stellar 99.9% uptime intact. No resting on our laurels here.

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