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How electrical contractors, HVAC companies and plumbing services streamline communication across projects. Spend less time answering emails, while offering a great service.

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amazing customer experience
Customer experience

Customer portal in your branding

A personal login for each client

Invite your customers to your company branded portal where they'll find everything related to their project.

Share everything in one spot

In their portal your customers find all their documents, proposals, invoices, messages and more.


Share documents online

Stop searching for the last version

Ziggu organises all your documents per project, per topic and date. Easy to find when you're on site.

Share with customers and contractors

When you upload to Ziggu, you can immediately share with others. No need to spend time drafting emails.

Project management

Get offers and plans signed effortlessly

An overview of each status

Keep a helicopter overview of where every customer is at in their decision making process.

Automatic reminders

Your portal will send out automatic reminders to customers about your open offers.

Before Ziggu, I opened my mailbox and felt like my schedule was made for me, by all the emails that came in. Now I decide for myself.
- Karen Liekens, Groep Verelst
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One inbox per project

Don't let Whatsapp ruin your weekend

Get some piece of mind, because all communication with your customers happens right here. 

Never miss a message, even when a team member is off

Ensure continuity when you need to take over a project. You have access to all communication.


To do's & snagging

Have task lists ready for every kind of project

With templates you can set up a structure for yourself or your team for every step in the project.

Create punch lists on site

Make notes, add pictures, a deadline and a status. Assign tasks to yourself or a team member and keep track of their progress.


Share moodboards

Clients collect photos of what they like

Better understand your customers needs and wishes

Share your inspirations (coming soon)

When you start a new project, you can immediately share albums full of inspirational photos you have collected.


Ziggu connects with your other apps

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Letsbuild logo
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Integrations: use case

Letsbuild (Aproplan)

Letsbuild is used to manage defects and handovers. Tasks can easily be shared with contractors, but usually homebuyers or tenants aren't added to the platform. That's where Ziggu kicks in.

Snags are synced with our customer portal, so your customer stays in the loop. Time savings for you, a greater experience for your customer.

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Discover the future of
customer communication

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