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Stay on top of your project communication while offering a great online experience. Standardise every step of the customer journey and centralise all documents and communication.

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A customer portal
that boosts productivity

From reservation, through interior options & after care

Keeping homebuyers in the loop

This is how you improve customer satisfaction. Share regular updates and make it easy to find information.

Managing interior options & approvals

Ziggu helps you control the complexity of approval flows and makes it easy for buyers to pick their options.

Working together with project partners

Suppliers and contractors find the documents they need and can upload their own proposals.

From first design to final plan & all through construction

Centralised messaging & file sharing

No more Whatsapp-stress. All messages and documents are neatly organised per project and topic.

Annotate on plan & create punchlists

Leave notes on your building plans and make your field reports on site.

Get approvals for each design choice

Ask your customers to give the OK or sign documents every step of the way.

Spend less time answering emails while offering a great service

Access to all information on site

Retrieve all documents and communication per project and topic easily on site.

Offer a self-service portal to customers

Your customers already find a lot of info in their app: documents, next steps, deadlines and FAQs.

Share tasks with the team or partners

Take a photo, add a quick note and assign a responsible. No need for lengthy emails.

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A self-service portal, so you can focus on the construction site

Share brochures, technical documents and FAQs

Automatically share info with new customers and add their personal documents in a click.

Access to all information on site

Retrieve all documents and communication per project and topic easily on site.

Ask to sign documents

Let customers approve documents online, send auto-reminders and keep an overview.

Easily share offers & info, while tracking project progress

Share brochures and mood boards

Automatically share documents, photos and project milestones with each (potential) customer.

Ask to sign documents

Let customers approve documents online, send auto-reminders and keep an overview.

Share tasks with the team or partners

Have to do lists ready for every new project and create punch lists on site.

Centralise all interactions, accelerate outcomes

Centralised messaging & file sharing

One view shows who you're talking to, what unit they’re in, documents shared, issues raised and more.

Issue reporting & repair management

Tenants can send maintenance requests with a photo and description attached in just a few clicks.

Community news & feedback

With Ziggu you can quickly share bite-sized news updates and collect feedback through surveys.

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Mieke Mertens
Customer Advisor
“Having multiple projects to keep up with is nothing new, but Ziggu’s efficiency makes my life so much easier- there is indeed more time now to really listen to people.”
Chris Carmichael
‍Glam Living
“Ziggu allows us to provide the level of customer experience that the price tags of our luxury homes deserve. With a small head count it’s all about increasing efficiency, and with Ziggu it’s like we hired an extra team member.”
Valentine Van Malleghem
Head of Residential Projects Advisory at Immobel
"In today's world, we believe an online platform where everyone can find their plans, updates and all relevant information 24/7, is becoming essential. That is why we choose Ziggu as a partner for the future."
Steven Maeyaert
"It’s always been our vision to communicate honestly and correctly with customers, but we lacked the right tool to fully commit"
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You'll get world class support

Have you ever been ghosted after signing a contract? That’s not us.
Our support team is always just a click away, ready to answer your questions and listen to your feedback. We’ll also check in regularly to make sure things are running smoothly.

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Your input will be heard

At Ziggu, we truly collaborate with our clients. We’re great at building software, but our platform wouldn’t be nearly as good if we didn’t listen carefully to the context it’s being used in. Co-developing our software means your input isn’t just listened to, it impacts what Ziggu will look like tomorrow

You won't have to worry about uptime

Your trust means big deal to us, so we're willing to go the extra mile to earn - and keep it. We know that any hiccups in service would cause a big headache for you and your customers. That's why work hard to keep our stellar 99.9% uptime intact. No resting on our laurels here.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
We already offer a great, personal service , why should we use Ziggu?

Implementing a customer portal alongside your existing great, personal customer service can provide several significant benefits for both your business and your customers. While personal customer service is undoubtedly valuable, a customer portal can complement and enhance that experience in numerous ways.

24/7 Self-Service Access: A customer portal allows your customers to access information and perform tasks at their convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity: By providing a customer portal, you can offload routine and repetitive tasks from your team. Customers and project partners can handle simple inquiries and transactions themselves, freeing up your staff's time to focus on more complex issues and providing personalised assistance where it's truly needed.

By leveraging the strengths of both personal support and technology-driven solutions, you can create a comprehensive customer experience that caters to a wide range of preferences, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

What makes Ziggu different from other platforms?

Ziggu is more than a customer portal or a communication platform. Every feature we build has to answer to two requirements at the same time: (1) improve customer experience, while (2) improving time or cost efficiency for the project team.

That's why many of our features go much more into depth than other solutions out there. For example, asking a customer to sign a document can trigger a whole chain of events in Ziggu. From updating financial data to sending a notification to a building partner.

How long does it take to get me up and running with Ziggu?

Ziggu is purpose built for teams who want to move faster, and we take that seriously when onboarding clients too. Want to be Ziggu’ing by the end of the week? Leave it up to us.

You’ll receive ace training and support from our customer success team, who will make onboarding a breeze.

Don’t worry about any crazy learning curves. If you can send an email and update a spreadsheet, using Ziggu won’t be a problem.

Does Ziggu offer ongoing support?

We surely do. If ever you have questions, our support team is at your service.

Whenever you chat with us, you'll be connected to one of our friendly, experienced customer success team members in our Belgian headquarters. You can also always email us!

Does Ziggu work worldwide?

Ziggu has its roots on the European mainland, but we’re available wherever you need us. Just keep in mind we currently offer live support from 9AM-5PM CET. (But even if those hours don’t work for you, just reach out - we got you!)

Can Ziggu integrate with my ERP, CRM, …?

We’ve been in the game long enough to know you need integrations. That’s why we have a dedicated in-house team that has built, and will continue to build, seamless integrations with your CRM, ERP, document management systems and more.

Keeping your data centralised and driving up your efficiency even more is what we’re all about. Read more here.