Smart automation

Focus on what you do best and let Ziggu take over tedious and repetitive tasks. Meet your new virtual assistant!

Smart sharing

Quickly select who should get access to what kind of information. From payment terms for all future owners in Project A to a quick news update for everyone in Building B. Ziggu uses your project structure to make sharing efficient and traceable!


Make sure everyone meets your deadlines! To stick to your project planning, you need all decisions from technical plans, to flooring and kitchen designs in time. With automated reminders you’ll see all boxes being checked from your cockpit view.


Spreadsheets are great! Until they aren’t… Stop inputting information manually, Ziggu will take care of that. You’ll always find the latest status, dates, financial information, activities and next steps in one overview. Just like in your spreadsheet, but ... way better.

Option list

Step 1: Create your own options and material database. Step 2: Send it to your customers. Step 3: Collect orders. Boosting your efficiency 10 fold really is as simple as that.

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“Before we implemented Ziggu, we had been struggling with the abundance of information shared between customer and developer”
Stefanie Vanden Broucke,
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Ziggu’s other features

Centralized platform

Stop looking for the needle in the haystack. Everything you need to know about a project, unit or customer is right there.

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Collaborative platform

Collaborate with team members, partners and customers within one integrated solution and reach your goals together.

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Customer Experience

Wow your homebuyers with a streamlined customer journey from sale to delivery of their future home.

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