Centralised platform

Stop looking for the needle in the haystack. Everything you need to know about a project, unit or customer is right there.

Customer files

Can’t find what you’re looking for? That’s in the past. Ziggu collects and organizes everything that’s going back and forth between you and your customers. Easily track down all shared documents, agreements, payment information, questions and more.


Some call this feature “a spreadsheet on steroids” and… well it is. Everything you need to know about any decision your customers can make, is there for you to find. From signing a contract to approving a proposal for their kitchen. All activities, communication, status overviews and documents are centralised in one file. 


Upgrade from individual email inboxes to a shared, collaborative communication platform. All conversations with homebuyers are added to their file and organized per topic or milestone.

Document management

Over the span of a residential project, thousands of documents get into circulation. Your Ziggu platform collects and organizes them all. And there’s more: you can choose with whom you share which document. Also, forget the hassle of making sure everyone has the latest version of a plan; Ziggu’s platform makes sure they do.


A task manager shared with the entire team ensures everyone knows what needs to be done. Create task lists for your project or a specific unit and track your team’s progress.

Customer feedback

Send out surveys, receive feedback and track how you’re scoring. Throughout the whole customer journey, from sale to delivery, you’ll get valuable and consolidated insights in your team’s and partners’ performance. 

“Before we implemented Ziggu, we had been struggling with the abundance of information shared between customer and developer.”
Stefanie Vanden Broucke,
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Ziggu’s other features

Smart Automation

Focus on what you do best and let Ziggu take over tedious and repetitive tasks. Meet your new virtual assistant!

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Customer experience

Wow your homebuyers with a streamlined customer journey from sale to delivery of their future home.

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Collaborative platform

Collaborate with team members, partners and customers within one integrated solution and chase common challenges.

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