Collaborative platform

Collaborate with team members, partners and customers within one integrated solution and tackle common challenges.

Team platform

Forget silos and join forces with your team members in one environment. Here you’ll easily find all the information you need about a project, unit or customer. Ask a colleague to jump in on a customer’s question or download all approved technical plans. With your team platform, everyone is in the know.

Partner platform

From the architect to contractors and showrooms: involve your entire building team in the construction process. You’ll be confident they always have the latestversion of building plans at hand. Moreover, you’ll be able to manage all communication and document flows between them and your customers.

Customer portal

Move your communication with homebuyers to your very own, branded customer portal. While improving your own efficiency, you’ll offer a whole new level of digital convenience and experience to your customers. Go beyond sharing documents and updates, and work together towards a smooth delivery.

Decision management

Replace those bulky spreadsheets. Together with your team members and partners, you’ll turn the decision process of each homebuyer into a well-oiled machine. Everyone involved will find up to date information, the latest proposal documents, approved and signed versions and even a financial overview.


Have you come to a point where your email inbox is slowing you down? Ziggu has combined the best of email, chat and ticketing systems for you in a collaborative team inbox. All conversations with homebuyers are added to their file and organized per topic or milestone. Now it’s easy for colleagues to jump in.

“Ziggu simplifies a lot, we can work more efficiently. It gives us and the customer an overview.”
Maarten Brantegem,
founder of Ablimmo
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Ziggu’s other features

Customer Experience

Wow your homebuyers with a streamlined customer journey from sale to delivery of their future home.

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Smart Automation

Focus on what you do best and let Ziggu take over tedious and repetitive tasks. Meet your new virtual assistant!

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Centralise everything

Stop looking for the needle in the haystack. Everything you need to know about a project, unit or customer is right there.

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