Customer experience

Wow your homebuyers with a streamlined customer journey from sale to delivery of their future home.

Customer portal

Wow your homebuyers with your state of the art online platform. With the look and feel of your company brand, Ziggu becomes an extension of your website and marketing strategy. One login to guide your customers step by step from sale to delivery of their dream home


People don’t buy a new home every day, right? It’s a big decision.That’s why your homebuyers want to be involved all the way through construction. They prefer frequent short updates over a handful of long newsletters. With Ziggu’s News feature you can quickly share photos and videos straight from the building site.

Document library

All those documents going back and forth between you, your homebuyers and partners: they quickly add up. Ziggu will keep things organized! With our platform, you can easily share a document with hundreds of homebuyers with just one easy click.

Financial overview

Your customers can consult their up-to-date payment overview at all times. What’s their total balance? What amount has already been invoiced and what’s coming up? Which extras have been chosen? They can check it all, anyplace, anytime, any device.


So much to do! Give your customers peace of mind with an automatically generated to-do list. From signing a contract to approving a technical plan or kitchen design, they’ll always know what’s expected of them and by which deadline.

Home configurator

Homebuyers can pick and choose their selection in the configurator, from the convenience of their own home. Upsell extra options or let customers choose between standard interior design packages.

Sign digitally

Print, sign, scan, send and repeat. Thankfully, those days are long gone! Customers can now sign digitally online. Efficient for you, convenient for them.


Track your customer happiness throughout the complete homebuyer journey and learn where you excel or can improve.


Customers have questions and you have answers. Beat them to it and add Frequently Asked Questions to your customer portal. They’ll love the information and you’ll see the positive effect on your inbox.


Support your homebuyers in their quest to make their future house a home. With Inspirations, they can collect and organise photos and ideas for their interior design and decoration. (In doing so, they’ll share your branded environment with family and friends.)

“It’s always been our vision to communicate honestly and correctly with customers, but we lacked the right tool to fully commit.”
Steven Maeyaert,
Co-owner and CEO Furnibo
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Ziggu's other features

Save time

Collaborative platform

Collaborate with team members, partners and customers within one integrated solution and chase common challenges.

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Increase margin

Smart automation

Focus on what you do best and let Ziggu take over tedious and repetitive tasks. Meet your new virtual assistant!

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Boost satisfaction

Centralise everything

Stop looking for the needle in the haystack. Everything you need to know about a project, unit or customer is right there.

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