Deliver homes 10x more efficiently

Collaborative platform

Collaborate with team members, partners and customers within one integrated solution and chase common challenges

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Customer Experience

Wow your homebuyers with a streamlined customer journey from sale to delivery of their future home.

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Smart Automation

Focus on what you do best and let Ziggu take over tedious and repetitive tasks. Meet your new virtual assistant!

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Centralise everything

Stop looking for the needle in the haystack. Everything you need to know about a project, unit or customer is right there.

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Who benefits from using Ziggu?

Property developers

Everyone in the team finds what they need to know fast, being it one approved proposal or a complete status overview of the whole project.


With the biggest purchase of their lifetimes comes the most convenient and engaging digital customer experience.

Customer advisors

Customer advisors love Ziggu as their single source of truth. No longer looking for the needle in the haystack, but everything centralised.


Make sure your contractors on site always have access to the latest technical documents. Easy for them to find per unit and category.


From the architect to different showrooms, everyone has the information they need at hand to upload their plans and proposals for each unit.


Sales people and realtors love to showcase the customer portal to prospective buyers. It builds trust and shows you care about their journey.

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