Transparency in communication as a philosophy

Laurens De Greef
Client Success Manager
“It’s important to us that our clients stay informed about the latest developments regarding their investment”

For decades already, Bricks & Leisure has been a respected name in the real estate market. The developer states transparency as an important pillar when communicating with clients. “Ziggu fits perfectly within our philosophy, it connects with what we value”, says Client Success Manager Laurens De Greef.

Bricks & Leisure had been looking for a customer platform for a while. “We are a forward-thinking company and are constantly researching great innovations. It’s important to go along with technological development”, Laurens says. “Certain operations can be sped up or even automated, which opens up time to focus on what really matters, like customer service.” In their search for a solution that fit with their values, Bricks & Leisure found Ziggu.

“We compared a few companies”, says Nathalie Dert of the Customer Service department. “We chose Ziggu because they have experience with the real estate market. They easily understand what our clients need.” That’s an important element for Bricks & Leisure, as most of their investors are long term clients. “When you invest in our projects, it’s easily a ten-year commitment”, Laurens says.

Nathalie DertCustomer Service & Administration
Nathalie Dert
Customer Service & Administration

Clear communication

Bricks & Leisure strives to communicate as clearly as possible during that period. Ziggu’s platform is an important asset in that regard. “Most of our clients buy off-plan”, Laurens explains. “So it’s extremely important they’re informed about the latest developments regarding their investment, during and after construction. They invest because they expect a return. So it’s up to us to communicate clearly about that.”

“That’s why all communication is channeled through Ziggu now”, Nathalie says. “We upload invoices and other administrative documents, but we also share photos of the construction site. It’s a visual aid for our clients. I notice many of them browse to the platform to check if new pictures have been uploaded. That’s great to see.”

Newsletter at the customer portal of Bricks & Leisure
Website Bricks & Leisure with login to the customer portal

No mountain of paperwork

All documents are on Ziggu permanently, which is very convenient for Bricks & Leisures’ long term clients, according to Nathalie. “They can easily compare returns on their investment. They don’t have to go through a mountain of paperwork. They immediately see what last month’s return was.”

The fact that Ziggu’s platform is clear and user-friendly is also an asset to how Bricks & Leisure works internally, according to Nathalie and Laurens. “All our clients are listed on Ziggu. We immediately see which client has invested in which project. That’s an important aspect regarding customer service, we’d never want a client to feel like they are unknown to us”, Nathalie explains.

Newsletter at the customer portal of Bricks & Leisure
Newsletter at the customer portal of Bricks & Leisure

“We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by being transparent, Ziggu does the same”

Transparency first

Ziggu’s chatbox is an easy and fast tool when someone at Bricks & Leisure has a question. “Our communication with Ziggu has always been smooth. It still is. When there is a question, I get a reply within the next five minutes”, Nathalie says. “When we ask to apply a new functionality, for example, they keep us informed about the process. If they can’t develop the feature right away for us – they have other clients as well, of course – then they communicate clearly about the possibilities and the timeline. That’s the kind of transparent communication we use with our clients as well.”

Laurens emphasises that philosophy. “Transparency and sustainable relationships are a priority in our company”, he says. “That’s how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Ziggu fits perfectly within that philosophy.”

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