How UK homebuilder Newett Homes faces the challenges of today’s real estate market

Will Newett
Founder & Director Newett Homes
“A digital platform is indispensable — it helps you create a more personalised experience more easily, and it’s simply more efficient for us as a homebuilder”

Environmental friendly, attention to detail, exceptional design: UK property developer Newett Homes knows how to build houses that speak to the new generation of homebuyers. But an exquisite home in a great location isn’t enough anymore — something founder Will Newett has been noticing for a few years now. Homebuyers in the UK are more demanding than ever and expect a smooth customer journey from beginning to end. So digital tools to offer a better experience have become the way to differentiate as a home builder. “In a competitive market like ours, a digital customer experience will give you a better chance of selling your project nowadays”, says Will. 

What are the three things which characterise the current state of the UK real estate market? 

Will: “Well, we’ve seen a big increase in demand for new-build homes in the last 18 months. The main reasons for this are threefold: low-interest rates, the population having generally more disposable income following the pandemic, and the simple fact that there aren’t many second-hand houses coming to market. But most people still want to own property, so a new-build is the best option for many. A second element that’s influencing the real estate market a lot at the moment is shortages on the delivery side. From labour to material shortages — it’s been challenging to complete projects on time. And third, homebuyers have become quite social media orientated. For one, they get their inspiration and ideas for architecture and interior from Instagram and such, which often creates unrealistic expectations. We have to bring people back to reality from time to time. But, more importantly, homebuyers have become very assertive and are not afraid to vent their frustrations on the internet when their experience with you sucks. That’s something property developers have to take into account more and more.”

So the necessity of offering excellent customer experiences has also trickled down to the real estate sector in the UK? 

Will: “Oh, definitely. Look, location will always be the most important aspect of a homebuyer’s decision. But not paying attention to your customer’s experience has become a big ‘no’. At Newett Homes, we ensure we’re in constant communication with the homebuyers — during the reservation of the home, during the building process and even afterwards. It’s unfair to let people buy a house and then not speak to them until they move in. Sure, that means your contact with homebuyers will happen more often, and it’ll be more intense, but it’s too important to us that they have all the information at all times.”

Newett Homes - Project The Weavers in Rotherham

How essential are digital tools in this customer experience? 

Will: “Incredibly essential. A digital platform enables you to communicate more easily and quicker. It allows you to keep every document in the same spot, so everyone who needs it has the latest documents at hand — something you’re never quite sure of when you’re messing about in your email inbox. If you ask me, a digital platform is indispensable  — it helps you create a more personalised experience more easily, and it’s simply more efficient for us as a homebuilder. I believe it gives you a better chance of selling a project. People are used to that kind of experience in other sectors; they want the same from their homebuilder. It sets you apart.”

I’m already using Coins; why would I need Ziggu? 
Coins enables homebuilders to manage the administrative side of their business — offering modules for HR, equipment management and procurement. However, Ziggu helps you communicate better with all key players and helps smoothen the customer experience.
Sharing information, following up on a homebuyer’s interior decisions (fixtures and fittings, flooring and white goods), keeping important documents safe during warranty: Ziggu makes every part of your customer journey easier and better. This makes Ziggu the perfect addition to Coins as the two platforms combined will enable you to take care of your business, A to Z. Ziggu can easily be connected to Coins, so all information will automatically flow from Coins to your Ziggu customer portal. 

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