A carefree journey for the customer

Marc Wagner
Owner & CEO
“The customer portal became an integral part of our customer service”

Property developer Polyform (Luxembourg) strives for the perfect customer satisfaction rate. Therefore they put a lot of effort in designing a worry-free construction process for their buyers. Communication is a key element in that strategy. As one of the first users, Polyform explains why they didn’t hesitate to work with Ziggu. “The customer portal became an integral part of our customer service.”

Communicate easily with Ziggu

“At Polyform, the customer always comes first”, owner and CEO Marc Wagner explains. As a property developer, they want to provide a total piece of mind for each homebuyer or investor. This is reflected, for example, in ready-made options for the interior of their home. “In our experience, customers don’t always get the right support when visiting different showrooms,” Marc explains, “That’s why we prefer to offer a limited amount of interior options ourselves. We carefully select the most suitable materials and make beautiful combinations. Our customers can visit our very own experience room to choose their favorite option”.

Example Living Room Project Mavrik by Polyform
Project Mavrik by Polyform – Cessange, Luxembourg
Project Mavrik by Polyform – Cessange, Luxembourg

Fast and efficient communication is also important to Marc: “Customers will receive an answer to their question within 24 hours or at least a confirmation that their message was well received. We have both younger and older customers, so our communication must be accessible to everyone”. Polyform has found that medium with the Ziggu customer portal. “In addition, all documents are neatly stored on the platform and our customers can consult their personal information at any time,” clarifies Marc.

“Ziggu also offers a very useful tool, the news feed. You can use it to share photos of the construction with your customers. We didn’t share enough of those updates before Ziggu, because it was a cumbersome job, but now you only need a few clicks.”

News Update Project Polyform

Customer is also king at Ziggu

Polyform is a satisfied customer of Ziggu: “It’s very difficult to find a better service than the one we receive from Ziggu”. “When I have a question, they always answer within minutes”, Marc adds, “The response rate of Ziggu is without a doubt 100%”.

Project Journey by Polyform – Kirchberg, Luxembourg
Project Journey by Polyform – Kirchberg, Luxembourg

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