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Peter Artois
Technical Director
“ION strives for the best quality in the shortest amount of time possible and Ziggu fits perfectly within that philosophy"

ION is still a young member of the project developer family, but in just nine years the company has evolved into an important player on the real estate market. In 2018 ION felt the need to push their customer follow-up to a higher level. That’s when Ziggu came in the picture. “Assembling the right team of customer advisors was of course very important”, technical director Peter Artois says. “But a smart customer platform was equally crucial.”

When ION’s newly assembled customer support team first started, it was key that all pieces of information and ways of communication would come together in the same system. “Not just because it would be easier for us to work, but also to give the client more transparency”, customer advisor Elke Deceuninck says. That’s why ION decided to include the Ziggu platform in the team’s way of working right away. “We tried out the platform for ourselves first, both from our perspective and the perspective of the client. We noticed really quickly that it was something very workable. Even for people who have less digital knowledge.”

Decision management Ziggu Platform

From the kitchen designer to the floorer

It’s, of course, important that every client can work with the platform. “The Ziggu platform is well received amongst our clients”, customer manager Ellen De Clercq says, relieved. “People are happy to have one spot where they can contact their advisor, check offers, ask questions, etcetera. Everyone, from the kitchen designer to the floorer, has access to the platform. That makes it easier for all those people to follow-up on the advancements of the construction.”

When customers have questions for ION, Ellen and her team react very quickly. When Ellen or her coworkers have questions for Ziggu, they can expect the same quick response. “One of our colleagues recently said this: ‘it feels as if the Ziggu’ers are a part of our team’”, Ellen says, laughing. “It feels that way because we can always reach them via a direct message on the platform. The conversations are easy and we are being listened to.” Peter and Elke agree that the collaboration with Ziggu runs very smoothly. “They are not up there in an ivory tower”, they say. “Ziggu’s open for improvements and they are very responsive. This inevitably leads to a great interaction between the two companies.”

Elke Deceuninck, Customer advisor
Elke Deceuninck, Customer advisor
“Just like it’s a habit to open your mailbox in the morning, you open Ziggu”
Elke Deceuninck
Customer advisor

Best quality

As a young company ION has a great interest in the latest technologies and advancements, which is why Ziggu is such a great match. “ION strives for the best quality in the shortest amount of time possible”, Peter explains. “It means that we need to be able to work efficiently. We don’t lose time and we appreciate quick, meaningful interactions. Ziggu fits perfectly within that philosophy.” An example of that efficiency is the connection that was created between the Ziggu platform and their ERP/CRM-system Salesforce, in order to avoid having to manually enter client information twice.

Such ease of use is incredibly important because ION’s customer team uses the platform on a daily basis. “I arrive in the morning and I log in”, Elke says. “Just like it’s a habit to open your mailbox, you open Ziggu.” For Ellen as well, Ziggu is actually a big part of her workday. “The platform is always visible on my computer and I actively use it throughout the day. Uploading new plans, checking offers, responding to questions from clients, you name it.” Another big plus for Elke and Ellen is the fact that all documents and every bit of information are centralized on Ziggu. “If I get sick tomorrow, my colleagues can easily take over”, Elke says. “They don’t have to search through emails or a Dropbox to find out what was decided when about which project to be able to help my clients. That’s so much more efficient.”

Photo: ION – Project Waterfront
Photo: ION – Project Waterfront


It’s exactly that kind of efficiency that ION wants to achieve by using Ziggu. Also: keeping the level of client follow-up as high as possible. “When a client calls, you can access his file very easily on the platform and you immediately see everything you need to know”, Ellen explains. “All the questions he’s ever asked or the to do’s we still have to finish for him, for example. That’s very useful for our communication towards that client.”

The little extras the Ziggu platform offers are also a fun addition for ION’s team to keep the communication interactive. “When we receive photos of a project we upload them on Ziggu”, Elke says. “It keeps the clients warm during the construction phase. That way they get relevant and fun bits of information.” For Peter all those examples fall under the same important term: “Maximum customer satisfaction.” “That’s what we want to achieve by using Ziggu”, he says. “And thus, interactivity with the client is very important.”

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