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Blog post
May 12, 2022

Taking care of aftercare: how you can go to the next level of customer experience after completion

Taking care of your homebuyers shouldn’t end with the completion of the home. More and more, we see the need for aftercare. Here's how your customer portal plays an important role after your customers move in.

Blog post
May 10, 2022

Are you the middleman between homebuyers and suppliers, too?

As a homebuilder, your team is often the middleman. Going back and forth with construction plans, explaining new changes to customers, clarifying their wishes to the floorer. Let’s be honest: it’s exhausting, and who really has the time to be the middleman, right? 

April 20, 2022

Ebook: Mastering the homebuyer experience

Homebuyers have more expectations than ever. They know what they want. Not just when it comes to their home, but in regards to the customer experience they get between reservation and completion as well.

Blog post
April 14, 2022

From Excel fatigue to a customer portal that sends out automated reminders to homebuyers to meet deadlines

Many homebuilders keep track of their construction projects with the help of Excel Sheets. But these sheets prove to be problematic sooner or later. For example when it comes to deadlines for homebuyers for personalising their home.

April 1, 2022

Exciting news: Ziggu will soon launch gaming platform for homebuyers

Ziggu is launching a new gaming platform ‘Ziggu Play’. With Ziggu Play, homebuyers can create an avatar and walk around in their home. They can even place furniture, water their plants, or – because why not – play paintball!

Customer experience
February 7, 2022

Does a homebuyer portal really pay off? Yes, it does (don’t believe us, believe the NPS)

In 2018, homebuyers gave their property developer on average a Net Promoter Score of -42. As a reaction to that, Ziggu was launched to boost customer happiness in the sector. Where are we today? What has been the impact of a customer portal on the NPS?