No more limits; You can now add multiple customers per unit

Welcome to 2023, Ziggu community! We're kicking things off with a brand new feature that has been highly requested by many of our clients: adding multiple customer profiles to a unit.

You can now assign a virtually unlimited number of homebuyers, tenants, investors or professionals to a single unit.

Goodbye to the previous limit of 2!

New Possibilities

It's easy to understand why this feature update was requested so often, and this new update opens up a lot of new possibilities for you.

  • Both parents and their children can now easily have a Ziggu profile for the same unit. This allows everyone to be involved in the buying process and stay up-to-date with any communication and documentation regarding the unit.
  • Vice-versa we often see children helping out their parents with online communication for their service flat. Removing the limit of 2 users per unit means this communication can now be evenly shared amongst everyone involved and not just be handled by one person tasked with doing all follow up by themselves.
  • Lastly, a couple that's buying a unit can now involve an interior designer (or other professionals) without having to make sacrifices - both purchasers can have a Ziggu profile and include as many people as necessary without any limit.

See it in action

The user flow for assigning customers to a unit will remain the same as it always was.

When navigating to the unit in the project overview, you can add and give access to multiple customers.

Conversations will be accessible by all customers attached to the unit too, meaning having a group conversation is now entirely possible, simply click on the down arrow to see everyone involved.

Similarly, in Decisions you will see an overview of all parties involved by clicking the word "more" - giving you an easy overview and access to all user profiles attached.

More to come

‍We're always listening to our clients' feedback and working hard to improve the platform, making it even more efficient, user-friendly, and feature-rich. This update is another step in that direction and we can't wait to see how our clients take advantage of it.

January 12, 2023
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