Ten Luxembourgish companies to watch in 2019

And we're one of them

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Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smallest countries, known for its beautiful forests and castles, and its high standard of living. It’s startup ecosystem is also growing richer, with one of the highest investment levels in startups per GDP in Europe, and new startup hubs like the House of Startups, and accelerators and incubators sprouting up. The government has been busy making the country more startup friendly, with a recent law enabling entrepreneurs to start a business in just one day with one euro. As in Switzerland, we notice that several Luxembourgish startups are specialising in crypto and blockchain technology.

Ziggu – Real estate developers have a very complex job managing different projects each with different suppliers, contractors, architects and sometimes hundreds of customers. Founded in 2017, Ziggu is a platform for managing customer relationships. From sharing plans and purchase documents, to managing after-sales customer satisfaction, the Ziggu platform gives developers a way to turn customers into “Brand Ambassadors”.

Boost your customer happiness and efficiency with Ziggu. Connect with our sales team today.

March 22, 2019
Boost your customer happiness and efficiency with Ziggu. Connect with our sales team today. 
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