Mini update, maxi impact: a to-do list for homebuyers

Here at Ziggu we have two major missions:

  1. to up efficiency levels for property developers
  2. to create engaging and effortless experiences for homebuyers

With the decisions feature we help both property developers and homebuyers. We’ve witnessed how a small update of this powerful tool creates a great deal of impact for all parties.

Decisions Explained

Homebuyers need to make a lot of decisions while their house or apartment gets built, from tiles to technical plans and kitchens. With Ziggu property developers turn this decision process into a well-oiled machine. Adios bulky excel sheets. You won’t be missed.

Decisions Ziggu platform

Whenever there’s more information available about a decision, customers get notified. For example: “Showroom X has uploaded a new proposal for the Decision Bathroom”. Now the homebuyer can have a look at the proposal and approve it if he wishes. He can even sign online if necessary!

Digital signatures on the Ziggu Platform
Digital signatures on the Ziggu Platform

Nobody likes to badger their customers when they’ve forgotten to complete a task. Alas, deadlines know no mercy and construction must go on. Luckily Ziggu sends out automatic reminders to homebuyers. A joyful discovery for every customer advisor as they lose a lot of time calling up clients one by one.

Decisions 2.0.

Some property developers asked if we could draw even more attention to pending decisions and their deadlines. Understandable, as getting all orders on time is essential for operational excellence on the construction site. Consequently, the Ziggu product and technical team were brought together to research and finally satisfy this need.

Now, the customer dashboard features a task list representing all open decisions, including deadlines. Customers aren’t solely reminded through decision specific notifications, but every time they log in. It’s the first thing they see, talk about impact, right?

Dashboard Ziggu Platform

Homebuyers love this new overview as well. For most of them, building a home is a completely new -often overwhelming- experience. Having a chronological list with all their to do’s, helps them to stay on top of things.

Do you want more information about this feature, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to help.

August 10, 2020
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