Exciting news: Ziggu will soon launch gaming platform for homebuyers

It easily takes a year or more to complete the construction of a new home. For homebuyers, this is a long wait. Long before they can move in, they’re already dreaming of new furniture, hanging up family pictures and cooking delicious meals in their kitchen. But now, they don’t have to wait any longer as Ziggu is gearing up to launch the first-ever gaming platform for homebuyers. Get ready for cool VR experiences and let your homebuyers live a virtual life in their new home – before it’s even there! 

From the very beginning, Ziggu’s goal has been to innovate the real estate industry. When the software builder launched its homebuyer portal in 2018, they changed the sector for the better, finally giving homebuilders the opportunity to easily create a digital customer experience. Creating handy document overviews, automating repetitive tasks and making it easier to turn homebuyers into brand ambassadors, the customer portal is still a gamechanger to this day. 

Now, Ziggu takes it one step further – or better yet, a few steps – by launching its new gaming platform ‘Ziggu Play’. With Ziggu Play, homebuyers can create an avatar and walk around in their home. They can even place furniture, water their plants, or – because why not – play paintball! They can paint and repaint their bedroom walls as often as they want or invite friends over for a drink. This fun, virtual life in their own home will keep them busy until construction is completed in real life! 

Ziggu’s reason for building this gaming platform? “We want to keep homebuyers entertained while they wait for their new built to be completed”, CEO Yannick Bontinckx says. “We know homebuyers get anxious when they’re waiting for their home. So we want to give them something to keep busy, while still getting to experience their future house.”

Ziggu Play will launch in July. Presubscribe now and get early access to the gaming platform. 

April 1, 2022
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