Taking care of aftercare: how you can go to the next level of customer experience after completion

Keeping homebuyers informed during the construction period, feeding them photos or videos from the building location, posting ‘get to know the team’ blogs, and so on: these are all little things with a big impact. It doesn’t just keep homebuyers in the loop, it pulls them into the story of your project – thanks to something as simple as a homebuyer portal. This is precisely how you turn your homebuyers into true brand ambassadors. But what happens to all those ambassadors when their home’s completed? Your work is done, your homebuyers are happy, on to the next, right? Not quite. 

Taking care of your homebuyers shouldn’t end with the completion of the home. More and more, we see the need for aftercare. After all, houses have become more complicated. Think about the many new technologies we have in or around our homes: indoor climate control systems, Internet of Things hardware, smart home applications, solar panels, etcetera. They certainly make our life easier or help us become energy neutral, but many people struggle to maintain or operate these systems. Manuals get lost, or the technology is simply too complicated to fix without the help of an expert. 

Handy archive and communication tool

The homebuyer portal you use to inform your customers and create engagement during construction doesn’t suddenly become useless when the project is completed. On the contrary, you can still take advantage of the many features. For example, the document overview still comes in handy years later, functioning now as your project’s archive. Homebuyers can easily find the architect’s plans or technical documents whenever they need them. And if they have a question, your FAQ list can certainly serve its purpose long after the completion of the project. 

If they can’t find the answer in this FAQ list, they can use the platform’s communication tool to contact you or one of the other key players in the project. Every supplier, partner or contractor still has the same overview of plans, documents and specifications for each unit in this project. In other words: they’ll be able to help the homebuyer much quicker and more accurately thanks to the homebuyer portal. 

The next level  

But you can take it a step further: instead of only being there when problems arise, why don’t you help them get settled in or, years later, redecorate their home? Give internet providers access to the homebuyer portal and include furniture stores, so homeowners can use the platform for every step they take in their new home. Add the painter to the portal, so people can order the same paint used when they first moved in to do a minor touch-up. 

You’ll be their extra life partner, the one who’s there for them for everything that has to do with their home. The benefit for you? You get their loyalty and praise, which they’ll no doubt gladly share with friends and family. 

May 12, 2022
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