From Excel fatigue to a customer portal that sends out automated reminders to homebuyers to meet deadlines

Many homebuilders keep track of their construction projects with the help of Excel Sheets. If homebuyers have already approved their kitchen design, for example. But these sheets prove to be problematic sooner or later. If you want to use Excel as a project management tool, you need to update the sheets constantly. But the tool doesn’t give you the best overview, it gets messy very quickly and it’s just not user-friendly to manage big projects. No wonder you or your team members forget to update the sheet – Excel fatigue is a real thing! 

Unfortunately, this Excel fatigue can lead to annoying mistakes. For example: when building a home from scratch, a homebuyer has to make a lot of decisions – what kind of floor do they want in each room? Do they want a bath or a shower, or both? Do they prefer a modern kitchen or a more traditional style? This can be pretty stressful for people. They have to decide on things they’ll have to live with for a long time. But they also have to make all those decisions on time, so construction doesn’t get delayed. 

Avoid frustrations 

If your Excel sheet is not up-to-date, or you simply forget to look at it, there’s a big chance you might miss important deadlines for your homebuyers. If you fail to inform your homebuyers of a decision deadline, they either have to make decisions more quickly to keep up with your schedule, or you’ll have to delay certain construction works. Either way, it’s very frustrating for your homebuyers. 

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Add deadlines

Every decision is an important decision for your new homeowners. And you can make sure that all that shopping around for floor tiles, bathroom sinks and kitchen cabinets is actually a fun time for them. A homebuyer portal allows you to help them through the decision-making process flawlessly. By adding a timeline for every decision they have to make, you and the homebuyers clearly know what’s due when. No one loses track of time, and everyone knows what’s expected of them. 

Example of a reminder email to a homebuyer (without custom branding)

Use automatic reminders

Automatic alerts to homebuyers remind them of decision deadlines, while you get reminders if they’ve missed a deadline. You can check in, ask them if everything’s clear or help them make choices by giving your expert advice. You get it: handling decisions through a homebuyer portal will make the process more fun and worry-free for everyone involved. 

April 14, 2022
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