A day in the life of our business developer Morgane Versnick

Going after potential new clients, joining sales meetings and keeping up with clients who’ve signed on to the platform: our business developer Morgane Versnick adds some extra versatility to the team. Tagging along every step of the client journey, she has a wide-ranging skillset — precisely what the job of a business developer requires. Ever wondered what the job is like? Well, wonder no more! Morgane will tell you all about it. 

The holy grail of sales

Morgane starts her day by checking emails and the CRM system Ziggu uses throughout the sales process. The latter is her “holy grail”, she laughs. “It’s the place where we gather all our leads. It’s part of my job to make sure we can turn those leads into something more, so it’s an essential part of my to-do.”

The business developer then contacts those leads — or goes on the hunt for new ones. Cold calling is an important task here; something Morgane admits “I never thought I’d be comfortable with so easily”. “If you had told me six months ago that calling people out of the blue would be my job — and that I would like it, I probably wouldn’t have believed you,” she laughs. It’s something that scares quite a lot of people, “and I get it”, Morgane says. “But honestly? You get over that really quickly. The more you do it, the easier it gets,” she adds. 

"Believing with all your heart in the solution you offer, that's the trick to being comfortable with contacting leads out of the blue"

A great belief in what you sell

The trick to being so comfortable with this part of the job? “Believing with all your heart in the solution you offer,” Morgane says. “I truly believe that Ziggu makes people’s lives easier. It’s such a good product for the real estate sector and homebuyers. My enthusiasm just takes over when I’m contacting a new prospect. It makes any trepidations I could have, slide away.”

According to the business developer, authenticity is key when talking to (potential) customers. “Everyone has their way of doing things or saying things. I think it’s important to speak to people in a very ‘you’ way, you know? I mean, since I’ve started working for Ziggu in July 2021, I’ve learned so much from the sales team and co-founders, but what works for one person doesn’t work for someone else. Call it my ‘lesson learned’ for 2021”, Morgane laughs. “But seriously, I think — and I’m sorry for the cliché — being yourself will get you the furthest with customers.”

Morgane and her colleagues discussing plans to conquer the EU

Building a relationship 

That same authenticity comes in handy when Morgane takes care of customer support. “We are kind of known for our strong customer care. We have a lovely blue button on our platform that customers can click on to ask a question or give feedback, and we make sure to reply within minutes. Every aspect of business development has its fun parts, but to me, building a relationship with customers is what I enjoy most.”

When you get to know each other and get in that groove of working well together, “that’s where I get most of my energy from,” she adds. “And that’s usually not on a business developer’s to-do list, but I appreciate that I get to be a part of it anyway at Ziggu. I get to do it all; I get to learn it all. No two days are ever the same!”

January 17, 2022
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