Keep homebuyers involved with News - 7 tips

Once upon a time we created News Feed to share construction site updates with the click of a button. However, property developers are getting creative and offer a lot more information through this feature.
Find out how others use News Feed to their advantage with these best practices.

1 – Meet the team

Homebuyers love to know who’s working behind the scenes. Buying a house is an important and emotional purchase. Naturally, they want to get to know everyone involved. Introduce yourself and your team to boost engagement. Investing in engaged customers is a wise choice as they act faster, meaning signed documents and paid invoices will arrive swiftly.

News updates ziggu platform meet the team

2 – Explore the district

Introduce your customer to their new neighbourhood. Maybe there’s an excellent bakery, a trendy restaurant or a fine green space in the surroundings? Let them know! When you buy a house, you’re inevitably becoming a part of a new community. After all, you’re not just the company building their house, you’re the people behind their home.

explore the district via The Ziggu Platform

3 – Unforeseen circumstances

Delays. They get the best of us. Do you remember the last time your flight got delayed? Most people remember such events with perfect precision. Why? Because frustration sticks. Luckily there’s an antidote for this gloomy mood: information. When the airline updates their passengers the mood lightens instantly.
When plans change today’s customers want to be informed asap. They expect swift communication at all times. With News you can create an update and inform your homebuyers in a matter of seconds. By choosing transparency you’ll build trust and boost customer satisfaction.

4 – On a break

Taking a break? Create an announcement to update everyone in a matter of seconds. This way you can relax without a care in the world. 🧘
Once your team is out you can activate the out of office banner in your company settings.

5 – And action

Customer satisfaction and customer engagement rises when pictures of the construction site are shared on a regular basis. Some property developers are taking it to the next level with timelapse videos, a real treat for clients. On a tight budget? No worries. You can easily shoot a video with your smartphone. Drones are completely optional. 😉

6 – SOS

Would you like to shine a light on a particular document? Why not make a news post with a striking visual? When customers log in, the news feed is the first thing that catches their attention, making it the ideal place to remind them of a decision or invoice.

7 – Team Work

f your organisation has a marketing team, it’s time to meet up. There’s a good chance your colleagues have already made some engaging content that can be shared. Lean on their expertise to get inspired. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

January 25, 2021
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