Streamline all decisions your customers make

Streamline all decisions your customers make

With the launch of our new tool ‘Decisions’ your buyers can make important finishing choices for their future home. As a property developer you can closely monitor where each homebuyer is in their decision making process.

Decisions, a time consuming process

The purchase of a property is a huge decision for the homebuyer. The stress to make decisions doesn’t stop there, often buyers still have to decide which type of bathroom, kitchen or floor they want. As a developer you often play the role of intermediary between the buyer and the supplier, which consumes a lot of time and energy. In addition, you can easily lose overview in the heavy Excel sheets, where this process is usually being documented manually.

The solution: the new decision tool from Ziggu

Ziggu offers a unique solution for the problem explained above. The new tool ‘Decisions’ organises all finishing decisions in one single tool. This to the great satisfaction of property developers, the buyer and the supplier. You are only a few clicks away from communicating to the buyer which decision they have to make within a certain time frame and with a certain budget.

Automate communications and reminders
Automate communications and reminders

Efficient communication ensures tight project planning

As a property developer you have a tight schedule in mind. Therefore you need buyers to make their choices for a bathroom or kitchen in time. That’s where Ziggu steps in. You can automatically send reminders when a deadline is getting near, nudging those who are left undecided. You also get an overview of the status of each unit and customer, across all their decisions. At a glance, you see all decisions made or where there are potential bottlenecks. You don’t have to input information into spreadsheets anymore, Ziggu offers you a new, more user-friendly decision tool.

Decision matrix resolves in efficient communication in real estate sector
Decision matrix

Own experience and market needs

This new tool came to live partially because of Ziggu’s own experience within the construction sector. Many of us have experienced first hand how cumbersome this process can be in real estate. Furthermore, we also noticed this need among our users, who not only want to increase their efficiency, but also want to communicate better with their customers.

May 10, 2019
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