Ziggu reaches an important milestone: half of all homes built by the top 100 developers in Belgium are managed through Ziggu

When you have a booming business, it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day. Everyone’s so busy, you forget to celebrate the milestones. And that’s a shame because reaching a new milestone is a big deal. At Ziggu, we don’t want to make that mistake — that’s why we want to share an important Ziggu milestone. A milestone that, according to Ziggu’s CEO Yannick Bontinckx, shows exactly “that there is a huge need for our solution”. 

Half of all homes built by the top 100 residential developers in Belgium are managed through Ziggu’s customer journey platform. It’s quite a mouthful, but it’s a sentence that Ziggu’s team is very proud to say. What’s more: if we look at all homes being built by professionals in Belgium, then we’re already at 35%. In just three years — the platform was officially launched in late 2018 — Ziggu has attracted some of the biggest players in Belgium’s real estate world. “To be honest, it’s not a big surprise to us as founders that our platform speaks to so many developers”, says Yannick. “We knew the real estate business really well before we started Ziggu, so we were very well aware of the shortcomings and the needs.”

But still, the CEO admits, “It’s a pretty impressive milestone to see in writing. It strengthens my belief that Ziggu is not just a nice-to-have but a must-have. The location and price of a house are no longer the only important elements for homebuyers. They also look for an experience, they want a smooth customer journey, they crave transparency. Property developers can really make a difference here, they can leave their competition far behind when they put more effort into the customer journey."

A game-changer 

For the longest time though, property developers didn’t have the right tools or even the time to make that effort. “True”, says Yannick. “They were aware of homebuyers’ need for more information, for a smoother ride to the finishing line — but they didn’t have the means to translate those needs to actions. Ziggu changed that. Our platform helps developers save time by automating tasks or doing them more efficiently, and communicating better with homebuyers.”

A game-changer for real estate — one that has quickly become the new normal. “Offering a great customer experience isn’t just for the Netflix’s or Ikea’s of the world anymore — every company, every industry has received the message that a good customer journey is key. For real estate, that means you keep homebuyers in the loop, even when things go wrong. We’ve noticed that people are much more forgiving when you just tell them up front that there’ll be a delay, for example. People just want to know what’s happening with the biggest purchase of their lifetime. They want to know how it’s going with their future home. Wouldn’t you?”

Sample of Ziggu customer logos shows developers and contractors of all sizes

Hello Europe! 

Making the job easier for property developers: check. Making the building process fun for homebuyers: check. Attracting some of real estate’s biggest players: check. Half of all homes built by developers managed through the platform: check. So what milestone are Yannick and the team reaching for next? “Well, I think we should aim for Europe now!”

Ziggu’s new ambition is to have half of all homes built by developers in Europe managed through the platform. “We’ve already taken our first steps abroad in the past year, but the entire continent will no doubt keep us busy for a while”, Yannick laughs. 

October 18, 2021
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